Friday, May 23, 2008

Idol Winner

I was so surprised! David Cook was my favorite and I'm so glad he won. Can't wait to see what kind of album he puts out.

With the judges comments I really thought that David Archuleta would win. Glad he didn't. He has a good voice but he needs some dance lessons and some personality.

Every time the judges gave him a compliment and he gushed "Oh, my gosh" I just wanted vomit!

Shrimp Recipe

Great Shrimp Recipe

Summer weather always makes me crave shrimp. I got an incredible deal on some good shrimp at Sams Club and found this recipe online. SO GOOD.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Have You Heard Jacob Dylan?

I always like to check out famous sons/daughters. I like Billy Joel's daughter Alexa's music.

Years ago I had a Wallflower's album, with Jakob Dylan as the lead singer, but over the past few years I had forgotten what a good singer Bob Dylan's son is.

Check him out. His not bad on the eyes either : )

Jakob Dylan

I've missed Indy!

Oh how I love Indiana Jones. I can't wait to see it. Karen Allen was my favorite of his leading ladies, what spunk! That seen in the first movie when she drinks all the guys under the table and then punches Indy in the face, wow. She is my hero.