Monday, December 29, 2008

On Turning Forty

The problem with getting older is not so much the getting older part, it's the awareness of it. I wish I didn't deep down think of it as being one day closer to my expiration date.

I've only been married once and have 4 healthy, beautiful children. I've seen many divorces amongst friends & family and I've seen others struggle to have children and some that have lost a spouse or a child. This may be the biggest blessing in my life.

But, I have to admit I lost the last half of my 20's and most of my 30's with a deer-in-the-headlights, spit-up soaked, where-did-my-IQ-go look about me! I also lost a parent and close touch with friends that I should have made more an effort to stay connected with.

I'm thankful that I will no longer wake up in the middle of the night to change diapers or take someone to go potty. My vocabulary no longer consists of ridiculous sentences like, "We don't go pee-pee in the tub," and I haven't had to talk baby talk or spell out curse words in quite some time.

My kids are older now and I am enjoying seeing them "coming into their own". I do not hover but you can bet they know what I expect of them. I am proud of them and I don't or won't feel bad about the things I maybe bypassed or gave up to give them all my attention. I can impress my kids with my vast knowledge of the songs on their rock band video game. I can score a perfect score on several songs by the Clash, Kiss & even some Red Hot Chili Peppers. So, at least I'm not an "un-cool mom." Plus, when the last one leaves for college I'll just be getting ready to hit the big "50" not too old to do some of those things on my "bucket list".

In my forties, I'd like to look forward to becoming a bit more like the 20 year old me (but wiser), not only as someone's wife or mother, sister or daughter or friend, but as the woman I've become somewhere along the way. I'm not sure that I know her all that well. I've given up feeling bad that I didn't ever return to the pre-baby Junior sizes. Or, that I should have had a more exciting life. Even if I have no great new accomplishment to show for the next ten years, I'm simply hoping that the "ride" will be enjoyable and that I can say in the end that I had no regrets!

I celebrated my 21st b-day with a wild party with friends from high school and college. I danced on the table to Cheap Trick music. Salt, Liquor, Lime…ouch that morning after was BRUTAL. I am much too mature for that now. Someone pass me that bottle of Pinot Noir and let's get this party started.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ~ "WOO HOO, what a ride!"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cross Country--Abbey

Tonight at the Cross Country Banquet Abbey, my Freshman, was surprised to find out that she received her "numbers" for qualifying in enough meets this year. She is now excited to get a letter jacket to put her 2012 numbers on.

The coach had a great powerpoint slide and there were 2 shots of Abbey (above)
5-6 miles every practice. I'm so proud of her, I know that I couldn't do it!!!

I was a varsity tennis player back in my day :) I'm the blond on top of the van. Isn't it weird, how your child can look NOTHING like you at all? I do see myself in her "attitude" she is quite the debater,social butterfly & teacher's often say she is a bit too talkative.
---My mother cursed me when I was 16 that someday I'd have a daughter just like me and then I'd know....." I'll have to tell her that "now I get it!"

Monday, November 03, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kevin Costner Speech

Kevin Costner spoke today at the University of Northern Colorado. I really think he did a nice job.

Vote, I can't say how strongly I wish every one would care enough to do it.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Voted Today

I voted by advanced ballot today. Mail in voting is the BEST way. No lines, no rush, just me in my p.j's taking my time.

On Nov. 4th you'll find me working a poll site from 6 AM to 7 PM. It will be a long day!

This is the most important election I think we have had in a long time. It is important that everyone's vote count!

9 Phrases Men should learn the meaning of

(1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

(2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

(3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

(4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!

(5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

(6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

(7) Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a clause here - This is true, unless she says 'Thanks a lot' - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say 'you're welcome' . that will bring on a 'whatever').

(8) Whatever: Is a woman's way of saying F-- YOU!

(9) Don't worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to # 3.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Homecoming 2008

The daughters are looking so grown up these days. Sydney is the pink (this was my Soph. dress for prom, she shortened it & took off the shoulder ruffle). Anyone see pretty in pink? She is creative like that.

Abbey was going for classy black.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Did You Know???

Link on the words Did You Know??? above for a video.

Education has got to become a priority with our government. I know people are all for the government staying out of healthcare and education but other countries are really pulling ahead of lots of areas.

The next 20 years are going to be very interesting! The world is changing fast.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nice Quote, Brad Pitt

I really like this quote from Brad Pitt this week. It doesn't necessarily have to just apply to Proposition 8 in California to overturn the gay marriage amendment. I think it applies to all sorts of things and I for one believe this every day....Brad just says it better (and looks darn good saying it I might add!)

"Because no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn't harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8,"

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Recall Message"

We have a fantastic staff in my building. I love them, smart, funny, witty and today was no exception.

I am the self-appointed "building morale builder". And I have a secret collection of clipart, similes for all occasions and when necessary naughty jokes to cheer up whoever needs it.

Today, I pulled out the Maxine comic below and sent it to a teacher that bless her heart- does lunch duty at a middle school! Tweens...they are naughty at lunch, naughty and then usually fast to deny any wrong doing. She also has a great sense of humor. So I sent her this comic with "open when alone" "delete after reading or clipart with self-implode" so the kids don't see it. Anyway, she gets it...comes into the office to thank me for the much needed funny.

But, then someone else in the office wanted to see it so I forward it to her from my sent box. She then forwarded it to someone else in the office. About 10 min. later she says she never got it. Weird, so the gal looks in her sent folder and says I sent it to you Jane L. Doe........the other gal looks over her cubicle and says I don't have an L. in my email. SHIT!!!! The one who forwarded it looks at me with fear....OMG......who did I send it too?

Okay, what's running through my mind is any number of Administrators or Department Heads opening my little Maxine.

I leap around my cubicle yelling "recall it" recall it" of course she has no clue about the recall feature in Microsoft Outlook. I take hold of her mouse and recall it and double-check to see who this person is and lucky for us it was a substitute that doesn't sit in front of her email because in her in box popped up "Recall Successful"

Just another fun filled day in the school system :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

6:45 PM on a Sunday Night.

68 degrees on the patio.

Great view and a nice bottle of Snoqualmie Merlot (Fantastic Washington State Vineyard).

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sports, Sports & more Sports

Shawnee Mission West Cross Country meet today at JCCC hosted by St. Thomas Aquinas. Man those meets are early. We had to get up at 6 a.m. to get her there on time. They are also very hard to watch! Her JV team placed 1st!!!

Then we hurried to drive to Leavenworth to watch the youngest play soccer. It rained the whole time (this picture is from last weeks game) We were so cold, wet and we lost 2-1 so it was a long day.

On the way home we cheered up because our beloved KSU Wilcats are kicking the crap out of Montana : )

And last night our Shawnee Mission Vikings beat Lawrence Free State in Football. Sweet!!!

Tomorrow, we get up and do more soccer!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


At the age of 10 I passed out flags & pins for a candidate during a county parade. In college, I took classes in Political Campaigns, Rhetoric & Persuasion and Public Administration. I just like the whole process. My dad always said that if you didn't take the time to pay attention to your town, state & the world around you had no business criticizing the people who were out there trying.

I worked on Jill Docking's failed campaign for US Senate and gained a lot of experience & saw a bit of the "dark side" of campaigning. I've also worked on several successful campaigns for a US Representative in Kansas. I have helped with "Rock the Vote" campaigns for high school students, I enjoy that type of thing. I want people to care, to pay attention and to VOTE.

I enjoy researching the people who are brave enough to actually run. I could never do it. I'll be the fact-checker or the polling person and even sit in on focus groups but I could never put myself out there like a real candidate does.

I like to be inspired, I like good speeches, I love debates.

I think John McCain has been a great Senator and I would have voted for him if he had run 4 years ago instead of Bush. I liked him because he challenged the rest of his party more than others. He is totally qualified to be President. But, the last 4 years he has reigned in that maverick attitude and fallen in line with The Bush Administration. I get why, he needed too...he needs their backing/funding/support. But, it made me like him less. I feel like the last 4 years have been a disaster!!! And I love my pin that says "Is Bush Gone yet?".

I want someone who can rebuild our crumbling credibility in the World, I want someone who I think will place highly qualified people in positions of power (Brownie & Ashcroft....Bush was such an idiot). I want better health care and "No Child Left Behind" was a huge disaster that will take years to fix.

I like Joe Biden alot. I respect his experience and think he will add good things to his ticket. I think that Sarah Palin is a risky choice for McCain. I did my research and two things bother me. 1. The ethics charge with her brother-in-law, YIKES...maybe the final finding will rule in her favor but it is a red flag for me. 2. Her goal for a long time was to be a sportscaster. I think she just kind of fell into the Mayor's race and it sounds like she did a good job but the V.P. spot is a big deal. McCain is old.....if he goes I'm not sure she has the educational background and experience with "the lower 48" as she called us when she campaigned for Governor.

I'll keep listening and I will vote because I have 4 kids myself and this election is going to effect their lives in a big way as they head off to college & the workplace in the next few years.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Soccer Slide Show

Kate's team moved up to a premiere league and last weekend was the first game. I threw together a quick slideshow because I'm bored waiting for dinner to be ready!

Click to play Flames Vs. Outlaws
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Running Mate

Wow, McCain's pick has me completely surprised. I don't care if she is a woman or not, I'd never decide a vote on just that. But, she was a small town mayor and just a few years of Governor experience.

I get that she brings him some much needed help with the more conservative voters but here is my concern.....

McCain IS OLD.......and she isn't qualified to take over as the President. I see some very bad Moose Burger jokes on late night tv. And I wonder how her husband, a commercial fisherman, is going to like the belt traffic and Washington Business.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lot's of my friends have already turned the big 40 this year and I'm close behind them. Where does the time go? More importantly, where did all the muscle tone go??

I found the perfect piece of flair to celebrate this momentus year. My co-workers, will like this one :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why Some Women Stay Single

This was just what I needed to get through the day today. So funny, enjoy it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to School

My motto every August is this:

I have 3 high school and 1 grade school kid to get ready for school in my own house. That alone requires hours of work. But I'm an assistant to a Principal, so I have a staff of 50 and 500 students to deal with from 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

The school just bought all new copiers that are state of the art! Scan to network folder/scan to email/ color/ staple/ fax etc... which is making the staff members turn back into tantrum throwing 2 year olds (not all, most are great but there are a few that I do hide when I hear them coming).

Did I mention 3 days before school starts we added a new section/teacher due to enrollment overflow. So that required 3 teachers to move or combine rooms and free up 1 new room. Did I mention we had just had the phones digitally programmed to display the correct name & link the right voicemail boxes and that we had the entire building resigned with teachers names attached to the side of the cement wall with the strongest fucking adhesive known to man!

School starts Monday and I'm working Sunday. Shit!

The office staff has 1 person in charge of registration, 1 receptionist, 1 bookkeeper and ME (trying to hold it all together). The staff needs Valium piped into the drinking water!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

With the heat index today it is 105 degrees!!! OMG.....we are melting.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We now have 2 high school girls living in our house, they both left for the pool (wearing bikinis) talking about boys. My poor husband, he may not survive it.

I think he thought they would stay in pigtails and say "Daddy" forever. Poor guy, we're sending him off to a Royals Baseball game so he can forget all about it.

The Pickens Plan

I encourage everyone to check out this website The Pickens Plan

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sting Ray Swim Team!

My daughter Katey joined a swim team this summer and has just had a fantastic time!
Check out some of this weeks swim meet photos.

Click to play Sting Ray Swim Team
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Plastic Beer?

Okay, I'm from western Kansas and Coors Light is like a food staple.

My husband and I love to try different microbrews. Boulevard Pale Ale is a favorite and every Christmas we get The Nutcraker Ale. Samuel Adams also has so cool flavors Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
is my favorite (but my husband says Cherry isn't a beer flavor....malt snob!)

Anyway, back to my topic of Coors. Have you seen their new plastic beer bottle? I've drank plenty of Octoberfest beer in a plastic cup but I can't handle this plastic bottle. It just feels weird. It is lighter and you can squeeze just feels wrong! I also swear the beer gets hotter faster, but the packaging says "insulating plastic bottle".

I'm totally bummed about this bottle, so tonight I brought a six pack of Corona and some limes to the cookout......Coors are you're losing me man.

I think I will email them with my thoughts. I'll let you know if they take the time to care or not.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Mornings.

Most Sunday mornings I made a big cup of coffee, grabbed the paper and listened to Tim Russert on "Meet the Press". Sunday mornings just won't be the same, he was an incredibly smart journalist.

I am a debater by personality. I love nothing more than to sit with friends or family (however that can get dangerous!) and talk about current events, politics even the latest plot line on Lost. I think Tim Russert was one of the best and he will certainly be missed.

This morning they had a very fitting farewell to him on Meet the Press. If you missed it check it out here

Today is Father's Day and I feel terribly sorry for Tim Russerts family. He leaves behind a dad and son.

Father's Day is always a sad day for me because I lost my dad over 10 years ago. I was a Daddy's Girl and I miss him. He had me late in life and I was the last chance for a son in a second marriage. He never missed a single thing I did, from watching my school plays to my tennis meets. It is a hard thing, losing a parent. You always feel a tiny bit sad even when something good happens because it makes you remember there is one person "missing" in the sharing.

Happy Father's Day

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Could she be the next V.P?

Kathleen Sebelius is a fantastic governor. It is tough to be a Democratic Governor of a very RED state! But, she is tough and gets the job done. But she can be tough without coming across like a bitch, I think people respect that.

She is fairly moderate and I've met her and listened to her speak several times and she is great in person. She really listens when she is at a forum and if she doesn't agree she says, "I can see you point" but... and then she usually smiles and the amazing thing is the person she just disagreed with usually goes away feeling okay because she listened!

I'd love to see her be Obama's running mate!!! I know it may be a long shot but I'd love to see an Obama/Sebelius ticket.

Link here to yahoo buzz article.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

When I was a kid I loved to watch the summer storms come rolling in. I lived in Western Kansas and you could see the storm coming from miles away. When you are 10 its just exciting to watch, I was rarely scared.

As an adult I feel differently about them.... I feel the dread. "Will the basement flood?" "Will the games be cancelled?" And the worst of all is when one of your kids are out somewhere and they aren't answering their cell phones!!!

Kansas has had so many storms in the past month, I'm ready for some nice summer weather. But, it will probably go from stormy to 100 degrees!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Idol Winner

I was so surprised! David Cook was my favorite and I'm so glad he won. Can't wait to see what kind of album he puts out.

With the judges comments I really thought that David Archuleta would win. Glad he didn't. He has a good voice but he needs some dance lessons and some personality.

Every time the judges gave him a compliment and he gushed "Oh, my gosh" I just wanted vomit!

Shrimp Recipe

Great Shrimp Recipe

Summer weather always makes me crave shrimp. I got an incredible deal on some good shrimp at Sams Club and found this recipe online. SO GOOD.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Have You Heard Jacob Dylan?

I always like to check out famous sons/daughters. I like Billy Joel's daughter Alexa's music.

Years ago I had a Wallflower's album, with Jakob Dylan as the lead singer, but over the past few years I had forgotten what a good singer Bob Dylan's son is.

Check him out. His not bad on the eyes either : )

Jakob Dylan

I've missed Indy!

Oh how I love Indiana Jones. I can't wait to see it. Karen Allen was my favorite of his leading ladies, what spunk! That seen in the first movie when she drinks all the guys under the table and then punches Indy in the face, wow. She is my hero.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Interactive Disney

Disney does such a great job at staying on top of the cutting edge. My kids loved Club Penquin and I think that that the new Pixie Hollow will be a huge hit with the older girls.

Friday, April 18, 2008

In My Life

I love this song! Great song writing. I'm using it to make a slideshow for a friends farewell reception. I'm having fun editing some photos to the music.

This is also the song that inspired the title of this blog.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Memory Keeper's Daughter

Lifetime Network made a tv movie of "The Memory Keepers Daughter". I loved that book and although they did change a few things in the movie it was still really good.

Lifetime will be playing it all month, if you were a fan of the movie, check it out.

Link to Lifetime site

Friday, April 04, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Funny Movie Lines

There are certain movies or TV shows that I will re watch just to hear some of these lines. Great for shaking off a shitty day!

The Wedding Date:
Kat's cousin TJ says, "Darling, why spend anymore time on that horse's ass when Mr. Tie-Me-Up-Tie-Me-Down is standing right over there? "

I love to watch Sex in the City re-runs. I did a quiz on which character are you most like and I was shocked to see I came up as a Miranda. I know before the hub & the 4 kids I was a Charlotte. But I watched this episode today and it is clear that I am now closer to Miranda.

Charlotte: I just know no matter how good I feel about myself, if I see Christy Turlington, I just wanna give up.
Miranda: Well I just want to tie her down and force feed her lard, but that's the difference between you and me.

Four Weddings & a Funeral: “I always just hoped that, that I'd meet some nice friendly girl, like the look of her, hope the look of me didn't make her physically sick, then pop the question and... um... settle down and be happy. It worked for my parents. Well, apart from the divorce and all that!”

What is your favorite movie line or quote?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Movie Binge

Okay, the weather has more than sucked for the last month. One day it would be almost 60 and the next day it would be 20 with rain/sleet or snow. Spring has been hiding but I think she is finally on her way. Today is suppose to be almost 60 here and we plan to go out and stay out all day!!! It is after all, SPRING BREAK.

To pass time during the writers strike (God I missed all my favorite shows) and the crappy weather I have become a netflix movie junkie. Here are the movies I consumed during the last 60 days.

Rendition: Loved it. I am so against some of our countries policies since 9-11.

I Could Never Be Your Woman: Michelle Pfeiffer never looked better and Paul Rudd is so funny in this. I have a soft spot for him because he is from our town and he is the type of star who still comes home and visits and donates to his old high school. We are building a new auditorium and he donated towards it and his name was spray painted backstage on a previous visit. The movie wasn't great but the acting was.

Into the Wild: In the end I just thought he was a dumb ass for NOT BEING PREPARED. My husband said this is only a chick point of view.

Gone Baby Gone: Really liked it. Made you think at the end!

The Kingdom: Really liked it!

The Martian Child: Love John Cusack and this was a sweet movie.

Michael Clayton: Loved it. Good movie!!! George, sigh.

Becoming Jane: I am a Jane Austin fan and my daughter is just starting to love her books too so we watched this together and Pride & Prejudice for the (3rd time)

Once: If you haven't heard of this movie, check it out. It was really good. Low budget, never heard of the stars but the hub and I loved it. Then they won the oscar for best song and I was so happy for them!!!

I also read like a maniac this winter! Here's to Spring.....may she get her sorry butt in gear and give me some SUNSHINE!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

High Gas Prices

Jon Stewart always gives me a life. I am so tired of the high gas!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

On Political Experience

I have been thinking lately on how much weight I should place on "experience" in making you electable in politics.

I found this post, and I think it says alot. Food for thought anyway.

Does Experience Matter?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Party in your stomach

Party for your stomach is a very funny video! I have several college memories that apply (the tequila sneaking in his friends especially).

I remember distinctively when I learned "Beer Before Liqueur, Never Been Sicker" as in the next day, my roommates says "Who Threw Up on the porch?" You drank Rum after the keg was empty? idiot!!! Learn the rhyme.

Then of course, at a TEK Barn Party I learned "Salt, liquor, Lime"
Funny, I can never remember the rest of that night?

Anyway, enjoy this video.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Any mom or parent can relate and laugh at this video

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Mocha Shortbread Recipe

These are so good!

Mocha Shortbread Cookies Ingredients

1 ts Nescafe Classic instant 3/4 c Butter; softened
1 ts Boiling water 1 c All-purpose flour
1 pk (12-oz) Nestle Toll House 1/3 ts Salt

Instructions for Mocha Shortbread Cookies
Preheat oven to 250 degrees. In cup, dissolve Nescafe Classic instant coffee in boiling water; set aside. Melt over hot (not boiling) water, 1 cup Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate morsels; stir until smooth. Remove from heat; set aside. In large bowl, combine butter, confectioners sugar and coffee; beat until smooth. Gradually blend in flour and salt. Stir in melted morsels. Roll dough between two pieces of waxed paper to 3/16-inch thickness. Remove top sheet; cut out cookies using 2-1/2 inch cookie cutter. Remove from waxed paper and place on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 250 degrees for 25 minutes. Cool completely on wire racks. Melt over hot (not boiling) water, remaining 1 cup Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate morsels; stir until smooth. Spread slightly rounded teaspoonful of melted chocolate on flat side of cookie; top with second cookie. Repeat with remaining cookies. Chill until set. Let stand at room temperature 15 minutes before serving. Makes about 1-1/2 dozen 2-1/2 inch cookies.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I love this video, maybe it's just the cute British accent. I love his little expression when he realizes Charlie isn't going to let go. I'm also amazed at big brother's restraint. My son would have tossed his sister on the floor!

Monday, February 18, 2008

2 a.m. Phone call

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who bolts straight up when you hear the phone ring at 2 a.m. and think "Oh crap, who died?!?" Well, recently my phone rang at 2 a.m. and my husband answered it.

hub: Hello
caller: Hey, can I speak to Jodie
hub: And who are you? (the hub said he could hear music & laughing)
caller: This is Kenny, HER BOYFRIEND. Has she never mentioned me to you?
Hub: I think it is time for all 14 year old boys should be in bed. Click

I ask what the call was about and he tells me apparently I have a middle school admirer.

Okay, I do work in a school AND have a middle and high school daughter but, what happened to calling and asking if your refrigerator is running? Seriously, my husband has a sense of humor but it is NOT cool to pick someone out of the directory and tell their spouse that you are their boyfriend. YIKES~

My husband looked at me weird ALL WEEKEND!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Night at the Caucus

I meant to blog this last week and just got busy. I helped at a Kansas Caucus site and the site normally has about 250 voters, we had over 2000 turn up at our site in the freezing rain. I helped several people fill out change of party paperwork but I have to share this conversation I had with the spunkiest old gal I have meet in ages.
Me: Can I help you?
SOG(spunky old gal): I can't read my drivers lic. number for this form.
Me: I'd be glad to help, are you changing parties tonight?
SOG: You bet your bottom!
ME: Well, now you are going to have to tell me the story!
SOG: My husband was a Republican, so I was a Republican. He passed away last year and I have been "paying attention". My daughter is a teacher and they have ruined education with No Child Left Behind. My grandson is in the Military, and we have become the Bully's and I don't like that. She pauses, "My husband was a bully".
She winked at me and said, "I don't miss him" and I sure as heck won't miss George W.

Then she laughed like she was Mrs. Claus!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jane Austin Anyone?

I am a huge Jane Austin book fan and am really enjoying Masterpiece Theatre's series

I had never read North Hanger Abbey and it was really good, this week it will be Pride and Prejudice (the version with Colin Firth). I love him as Mr. Darcy : )

My oldest daughter and I love to watch these movies and my husband & son run screaming "CHICK FLICK" let's go find another t.v. with ESPN!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Men Hate Valentine's Day

Someone emailed me this yesterday and I didn't think much of it until today. made a delivery to my office today and I looked at my co-worker and said, "I wonder who got those, I hate her!" I was just joking as a nearly 40 married forever does when the single gals get roses. My co-worker delivered the flowers and when she got back she said, "You'll never believe what she said!" The pretty, single gal looked at the package and said, "IT ISN'T THE RIGHT DAY!" and she was NOT happy. How much of a PRINCESS complex does this girl have that she wasn't excited? My co-worker and I laughed and said this is a perfect example of why this gal is STILL SINGLE. Then I re-read this email and I really liked it.

Poor guy!

Are you a woman living with a man suffering from AVD (Anti-Valentine Day-itis)? He hates Valentine's Day and refuses to have anything to do with it. And, no matter how hard you try to make him see things your way, he won't change. Well, don't fret. You're not alone.

Women everywhere live with men suffering from AVD. It's a common disease that is triggered in men after they enter a long-term relationship and get comfortable. The original cause is not clear, but it's rumored to have something to do with an excess of cheese, sports and deep psychological fears.

Below are a few of these fears. They are common reasons why your man may not like Valentine's Day. If' he's in touch with his feelings and is not too afraid to tell you, he'll give you one of them as way to let you know that you're not getting anything on Valentine's Day. If he's a little closed with his emotions, he'll keep it to himself. However, his true feelings fall somewhere within this list. Read it and find out what's really going on with him.

1. He's afraid to walk into a mall.

2. The perfume girl at Macy's intimidates him.

3. The last time he bought a woman a gift, she turned it into a pretty cozy.

4. The sight of cupid makes him feel uncomfortable about their sexuality.

5. It requires thought to buy a gift.

6. Valentine's Day forces him to face his deepest fears - his emotions.

7. Last year, you cried for two hours after receiving his Valentine's Day gift.

8. The thought of eating another one of those cheap chocolates makes him queasy.

9. His mother never celebrated Valentine's Day.

10. Jesus never talks about Valentine's Day in the bible.

11. He's broke and only has enough money for necessities like a new boat.

12. He bought you a great Christmas gift and this should last you for the next twelve months.

13. No action packed, violent movies - that you'll watch with him - can be associated with Valentine's Day.

14. Valentine's Day doesn't involve cars.

15. None of his friends acknowledge the day.

16. He thinks it's too commercialized unlike other national events such as the Super Bowl.

17. It usually doesn't involve pizza or beer.

18. He has to buy a gift.

19. He has to buy a gift.

20. He has to buy a gift.

Now that you've read this list, understand that there is no cure for AVD. Female scientists everywhere have been working on remedies, but nothing seems to work for more than a year. The best way to cure this disease is through self help.

On Valentine's Day, instead of waiting for him to buy you something. Take his wallet. Grab a credit card or a few dollars and get something for yourself. It'll help you live comfortably with his disease and not hold unto any hard feelings

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who to Vote For?

I found a really good survey. Fill it out and it will show you which candidate shares your views and then it tells you also what you disagree on. I found it helpful, I've been undecided for awhile.

Link to survey

Friday, January 04, 2008

Do you know a Half-Asser? Do you live with someone with complete lack of any type of follow through?

From the looks of our house since Christmas, someone living under this roof is surely afflicted with this disorder!

I did a quick walk through today:

Toilet paper is setting on top of the lazy I guess to actually load it.
The laundry I did two days ago are still in the washer and the last load I put in the dryer is still a tiny bit damp. Do you think if they all eventually run out of underwear they will go look there?

I loaded the dishwasher before bed last night and today I noticed that the dishwasher is half empty but the sink is completely full of new dishes.

Maybe I should go on some sort of wife/mom strike. It is going to be a long weekend of cracking the whip, which stinks because the weather here is fantastic this week. Feels spring-like.