Friday, April 02, 2010

What's happening Lately?

Never a dull moment at the Johnston house.  Weird that almost all our conversations lately revolve around really grown up stuff.   Use to be barbies--now it is College visits and Sorority options....time is really flying this year.
Dylan will graduate 
Sydney is applying early for college and planning trips abroad
Abbey is kicking culinary butt & landed an internship at a 4-star restaurant for the summer.
Kate is ending her grade school years and getting ready for a wicked soccer season!

And me?  I'm so excited to go to Ness/Dighton this June to visit old friends!  Weird to think that my mom lives in Dighton now and not Ness!  Old Settlers will not be the same without being at 321 N. Penn Street and having everyone stop by.   How did we all get to be 40 somethings?????