Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Peace, Love & Candy!
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My son made the nightly news. And NOT in the way a mother wants their son too!
Teen Swept Into Water

I mean OMG!!! I get a call at work saying, "Mom, Dylan fell into the water on the way home from school today." I talk to him on the phone for a few minutes and he says he is fine but his backpack, all his books, notebooks, $90 scientific calcuator are toast. So, I naturally RAG ON HIM for the damage.

Then I get home and talk to the neighbor who ran for blocks trying to help pull him from the water and then I have a follow up call from the EMT that was on the scene. Then, my dear son causally mentions that the police also responded. He was carried for a block down the fast moving cement water way and then went about 1/2 block through a tunnel under the street and shot out in the creek near our house.

I no longer care about replacing the school supplies and tennis shoe that he lost!

Makes you thankful!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Travel to and From Chicago for under $30!

There is a company called Mega Bus
You can travel from Kansas to St. Louis & Chicago. From Chicago you can go to many cities in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin etc.. If you are patient and can get online to order tickets 40 days in advance you can get a ticket for $1, I kid you not.

I bought tickets for myself and my son from KC to Chicago and back for $30 (total not per person). The bus was nice and new and had DVD players to entertain.

We departed KC at 8 PM and arrived in Chicago at 6:30 AM and spent one whole day just travelling around on the CTA $5 unlimited day pass and had a blast. We departed Chicago at Midnight and returned home at 10 a.m. the next morning (we slept the whole way home so it was great!).

I worried about what type of clientele the bus would have but we had 6 KU and MU students from KC travelling to a wedding in Chicago. It was like listening in on a wild sorority slumber party, my 16 year old son was enjoying it. We also had a group of about 6 French foreign exchange student that got on in St. Louis and then we had a menagerie of ethnic diversity but everyone was very well behaved and respectful. Actually the KU girls were the wildest on the bus, I found this very funny as I thought back!

Our favorite activities were the Hancock Observatory and the Shedd Aqarium.

Navy Pier was lots of fun too, rode the Ferris Wheel and took a harbor cruise. They had great fireworks set to Alice Cooper's
"Feed My Frankenstein" and "Phantom of the Opera".

Can't beat that.

I can't wait to the rest of my film developed.