Thursday, March 20, 2008

Movie Binge

Okay, the weather has more than sucked for the last month. One day it would be almost 60 and the next day it would be 20 with rain/sleet or snow. Spring has been hiding but I think she is finally on her way. Today is suppose to be almost 60 here and we plan to go out and stay out all day!!! It is after all, SPRING BREAK.

To pass time during the writers strike (God I missed all my favorite shows) and the crappy weather I have become a netflix movie junkie. Here are the movies I consumed during the last 60 days.

Rendition: Loved it. I am so against some of our countries policies since 9-11.

I Could Never Be Your Woman: Michelle Pfeiffer never looked better and Paul Rudd is so funny in this. I have a soft spot for him because he is from our town and he is the type of star who still comes home and visits and donates to his old high school. We are building a new auditorium and he donated towards it and his name was spray painted backstage on a previous visit. The movie wasn't great but the acting was.

Into the Wild: In the end I just thought he was a dumb ass for NOT BEING PREPARED. My husband said this is only a chick point of view.

Gone Baby Gone: Really liked it. Made you think at the end!

The Kingdom: Really liked it!

The Martian Child: Love John Cusack and this was a sweet movie.

Michael Clayton: Loved it. Good movie!!! George, sigh.

Becoming Jane: I am a Jane Austin fan and my daughter is just starting to love her books too so we watched this together and Pride & Prejudice for the (3rd time)

Once: If you haven't heard of this movie, check it out. It was really good. Low budget, never heard of the stars but the hub and I loved it. Then they won the oscar for best song and I was so happy for them!!!

I also read like a maniac this winter! Here's to Spring.....may she get her sorry butt in gear and give me some SUNSHINE!

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Eric said...

I love Brooke on Idol. She did a great "Let it Be" the week before.

Gone Baby Gone was good. My wife & I argued about the right ending.