Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Plastic Beer?

Okay, I'm from western Kansas and Coors Light is like a food staple.

My husband and I love to try different microbrews. Boulevard Pale Ale is a favorite and every Christmas we get The Nutcraker Ale. Samuel Adams also has so cool flavors Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
is my favorite (but my husband says Cherry isn't a beer flavor....malt snob!)

Anyway, back to my topic of Coors. Have you seen their new plastic beer bottle? I've drank plenty of Octoberfest beer in a plastic cup but I can't handle this plastic bottle. It just feels weird. It is lighter and you can squeeze it...it just feels wrong! I also swear the beer gets hotter faster, but the packaging says "insulating plastic bottle".

I'm totally bummed about this bottle, so tonight I brought a six pack of Corona and some limes to the cookout......Coors are you listening....you're losing me man.

I think I will email them with my thoughts. I'll let you know if they take the time to care or not.



Kay said...

I saw those too....weird. I don't want my beer bottle to be squeezable. I have to say Heniken has always been my favorite.

Wendy said...

I absolutely agree with you! Coors? Are you listening?