Monday, September 15, 2008

"Recall Message"

We have a fantastic staff in my building. I love them, smart, funny, witty and today was no exception.

I am the self-appointed "building morale builder". And I have a secret collection of clipart, similes for all occasions and when necessary naughty jokes to cheer up whoever needs it.

Today, I pulled out the Maxine comic below and sent it to a teacher that bless her heart- does lunch duty at a middle school! Tweens...they are naughty at lunch, naughty and then usually fast to deny any wrong doing. She also has a great sense of humor. So I sent her this comic with "open when alone" "delete after reading or clipart with self-implode" so the kids don't see it. Anyway, she gets it...comes into the office to thank me for the much needed funny.

But, then someone else in the office wanted to see it so I forward it to her from my sent box. She then forwarded it to someone else in the office. About 10 min. later she says she never got it. Weird, so the gal looks in her sent folder and says I sent it to you Jane L. Doe........the other gal looks over her cubicle and says I don't have an L. in my email. SHIT!!!! The one who forwarded it looks at me with fear....OMG......who did I send it too?

Okay, what's running through my mind is any number of Administrators or Department Heads opening my little Maxine.

I leap around my cubicle yelling "recall it" recall it" of course she has no clue about the recall feature in Microsoft Outlook. I take hold of her mouse and recall it and double-check to see who this person is and lucky for us it was a substitute that doesn't sit in front of her email because in her in box popped up "Recall Successful"

Just another fun filled day in the school system :)

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kay said...

That totally sounds like something you would send. I love getting email from you.