Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kansas State 31, Oklahoma St. 27

I am not a huge sports fanatic but I live with one!

But, I must admit even I was jumping up and down this weekend when Freshman quarterback Josh Freeman ran for a 21-yard touchdown with 1:11 left to help Kansas State rally for a 31-27 victory over Oklahoma State on Saturday. I was even more impressed the coach had the balls to bench some seniors with bad attitude and poor performances in the past weeks. Of course, if they had lost.....he'd be in deep shit.

And the KC Chiefs won on Sunday.

And we had one tie & one loss in the family for soccer games Saturday.

And now, I realize that Monday is tomorrow and it is totally going to kick my ass!!!

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Pat said...

The life of a sports widow, I know it well. At least you attempt to watch, I go shopping :)