Tuesday, November 21, 2006

First Kiss

The topic today at work (while we were trying EXTRA hard NOT to work)I mean what was the point it was the day before Thanksgiving Break started and everyone was watching for the bell to ring. Anyway the topic was First Kiss/First Love.

I hadn't thought of that moment for a really long time. It was fun to hear everyones, if we had been talking over happy hour the stories would have been better!

Let's see. His name was Allen. He was a senior in a really small town about 30 miles from mine and I had known him for a few years. He was quite cute, a rancher's son (boots, horses & 4H). I studied up all the areas that he competed in and of course watched them all. He was very nice and although I was sure he was just humoring the silly little Freshman that was following him around he really seemed to like my company. He ask me to ride the Ferris Wheel with him and causally slipped the arm around and gave me a kiss at the top. It was just getting dark & the fair lights were on, I almost passed out. Lucky for me he was the type that would walk you to your door and call your dad "Sir". He dated me that whole year. He'd write me a letter once a week and the greeting was always "Hey, Sweets!" isn't that cute? We went to the movies alot (I went to his Prom at the end of that year and I remember asking "Why in the world did you EVER ask me out?" He said, "All the other girls just flirted & teased me and you were always so sweet & polite, offering to help me or asking me serious questions." I guess you just grew on me :)

Such a good year, one of the best of my life!

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Eric said...

I kissed Jill Matthews in 8th grade during the fireworks display!
She dumped me a month later for a 9th grade baseball stud...bitch

But the moment was good :)