Monday, November 27, 2006

The Phone Call

It is a very quiet post Thanksgiving Day and we are all watching a movie. The phone rings...

My husband: "Hello"
Caller: In funny fake French Accent. "May I speak to the fair Sydney?"
My husband: "And who is this?"
Caller: Tell her she is my Amore! click
My husband turns to my daughter and says, you're grounded until you turn 18.
My daughter: WHAT.....Who was it.....What did they say???

He recounts the phone call and we all die laughing. And of corse my daughter has NO IDEA who the caller might have been.

The boy was smart enough to block the caller id to "private".


gnightgirl said...

Hilarious; nice 'n quick on your husband's part. And is Fair Sydney completely paranoid with every boy that says h'lo to her now?

Kay said...

Poor Dad but you have several girls so he'd best get use to it!

Wendy said...

Too funny!