Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter Break

I find that I still love to read all my favorite blogs and comment there but that I dread having to write my own. It was fun before the shock of the creep that had "thoughts" about my posts that had photos of my daughters. It just hasn't been the same since then.

So, I think that I will just keep my user name & just enjoy the rest of you fine writers thru short comments on your posts.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Dave said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I say 'don't let the bad guys win!'

Keep your blog going but maybe keep pictures of the kids off limits?

Love your dogs by the way.

gnightgirl said...

Yeah, too bad the eevy guys win out here. I understand your hesitance though; you just don't take chances with your babies. Glad you're sticking around, and hoping to maybe hear a little something from your end every now and again.

Wendy said...

Yike. Sorry something creepy happened. I'll miss reading your stuff...but surely understand. Was that phone call post really a creep? Ewww. Sorry!
Stop by sometime. I'll keep coming back anyway...just in case you write.

april said...

Hey Jodie,
I was rereading some of my old comments and found yours, so I decided I need to come over here and I've had such a good time! The story about the first kiss and the one about the drugs had me laughing. Sorry, you've had a creep on your blog...yuck! When you said Washburn, were you talking about the one in Kansas?!