Sunday, September 17, 2006

Autumn is Coming

Autumn is my favorite season and next week it will officially be here. I love the smell of fireplaces burning and I can't wait for the beautiful fall folige that we have here in the Mid West. Our town is just beautiful this time of year. I'm looking forward to hayrack rides, fall festivals and leaf pile jumping.

Weird that yesterday it was 90 degrees and my daughter and I both got sunburns at her soccer game. This morning it is 65 and the windows are all open.

I'm going to spend the day unpacking the fall clothes, I am still afraid to put away all the summer stuff since I have been applying sunburn cream to the top of my ears all day.

Instead of grilling hamburgers outside I will whip up a big batch of chili (dusting of the crock pot from it's summer vacation in the cupboard).

I would know that it is Autumn even if the weather hadn't suddenly jumped 20 degrees in 48 hours. The males in the house are in full football mode! Sigh


gnightgirl said...

Oh, boy, another Autumn lover! I can't believe how many people are already whining about winter. I love breathing cool fresh air, and cooking soups and chili's and freezing to death on cool evenings until it's time to pull out a sweater.

Pat said...

The mountains have already been frosty! I broke out sweaters a few weeks ago. I do am a fall football widow!!!

Patagain said...

Good grief, I TO not I do. Lets all forget that I work in PR and should be able to post 3 sentences without mistakes.