Thursday, September 28, 2006

Howling with the Wolves

My seventh grade daughter left yesterday for the
International Wolf Center in Superior National Forest in Ely, Minnesota, gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. They will stay in cabins inside the park and they have signed up for various workshops like "Howling with the Wolves" and "Wolves and the Wetlands".

The older my kids get the more independent they become and when she was ask to go on this trip our first instinct was to say no. But, we reconsidered thinking we have known the family taking her since Kindergarten and Abbey is really interested in ecology and environmental sciences; hard to deny her the opportunity.

She didn’t want any help from me to pack. “Mom, I can do it.” Even the night before when I said, can I help? “MOM, I’m DONE!” I offered to take the day off to be there when she was picked up, “MOM, I’m fine!”

The day she left she called me twice; sounding very nervous. I ask her if she wanted me to run home and see her off and she quietly said, “No, they will be here any minute (pause) “so bye, I love you Mom”. Okay, my heart did a little flip because those are words you don’t hear as much when they get older. As I hung up the phone I pictured her at age 3 going off to her first day of preschool. I barely even got a good-bye from her as she flew into the classroom in the cutest little flower dress & matching hat. But, when I picked her up that day she came flying out of that same classroom and into my arms, “I love you Mommy” she said.

I can’t wait for her to get back and tell me all about her adventure!


Wendy said...

I just found this and I see it was days ago. How'd she do? How'd YOU do?

My guess is you both did great.

Jodie said...

I'm still doing her laundry. She had a blast! Canoeing in the boundry waters, Northern lights, cool tour. She only called us once! Her sibings are so jealous. Photos should be done Thurs

Wendy said...

I'll check back for photos!