Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back To School

The ending of summer is always tough, but this year it seemed like an entire era for our family had past. It seems like just yesterday I was buying crayons, glue and Disney lunch boxes for everyone. Where does the time go?

I now have a high school student. One of almost 2,000 at his high school. This is a shock for someone that came from a class of 35! I had to buy a better scientific calculator and geometry supplies. He didn't even seem nervous that first morning.

I also sent two girls off to middle school. The population at that school is around 900. They spend there free time talking on the phone and seem only to need me as a driver to various meeting places: the mall, the theatre or some friends home.

I've spent the last few weeks helping everyone find backpacks that will hold the huge pile of books & binders required and with the girls many trips to the mall were required to get them fashionable. It was just so different for me than it was last year.

At least I still have one grade schooler to keep me feeling young. We had a great time shopping for the cutest tinkerbell backpack and the usual crayons :)

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Wendy said...

I see it coming. Reading your words brings it home. I know our job is to raise them to be independent, but it's so hard to let them grow up!