Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where Do You Hail From?

I am lucky that both sides of my family have great genealogy records. If your family hasn't done it yet there has never been a better time. The technology to help you today is just amazing compared to way we did ours years ago.

I thought telling you about mine might be fun.

My mothers maiden name was Clouston. It has been traced back to 1024. Our family were descendants of King Malcolm II of Scotland and King Magnus the Good of Norway. They had grandchildren that married. The name Clouston comes from the tradition back then to take your surname from your HOME. Cloustath was the original spelling. The family lived in the Orkney Islands. There is still a tunship in Stromness Scotland called Clouston.

This side of my family came to America in 1818 to West Virginia, near Cameron. They founded a township. We have pictures of the Clouston Methodist Church and General Store.

It is so cool to have copies of gravestone rubbings and sketches of family crests from stain glass windows in Scotland.

My family moved to Ness County, Kansas in 1879 on covered wagons. This was 18 years after Kansas had been admitted to the Union. They were ranchers, horse breeders and my favorite ancestor is Wiley Clouston who was the sheriff from 1887 to 1892. Kind of cool that my ancestor was a cowboy sheriff. Hey, Wyatt Earp & Bat Masterson were in Dodge City which was 60 miles from Ness.

I also have traced my grandmothers side (Last name Doty) to the original Mayflower Voyage!

My dads family (DeShazo) back to the 1200's in Luzanne, Switzerland and the Doubs River Valley in France. They came to settle in Virginia, Alabama and then to homestead in Oklahoma during the Great Land Rush.

I'd love to hear some of "Where you all hail from!"

This picture is the "Skyscrapper of the Plains" it has been beautifully restored and last year my nephew had prom in the ballroom!

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Eric said...

Kilts, Cowboys & Frenchman! Now that is a heritage!